The automatic operation of modern backwash filters has a decisive advantage for the user: You need only plan a minor effort for the operation of the river water filters and cooling water filters and can still rely on an excellent result in the filtering. The inspection-hole integrated in the housings is convenient for the monitoring. The extremely long service life of the automatic backwash filters, achieved through their exceptionally robust construction and ability to cope with very high flow rates, is the result of our long years of experience in the field of solid-liquid separation.

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How does a backwash filter clean itself automatically?

This convenient type of cooling has a highly developed technology that can determine when the filter element needs to be cleaned by measuring the differences in pressure at the inflow and outflow. If the differential pressure exceeds a specified limit, the backwash filter automatically opens an extra circular flow for cleaning the filter element. The resulting waste water with coarse particles is flushed out through a separate drain. The automatic cleaning of the backwash filter via a differential pressure controller has the practical advantage of not interrupting the actual filtering process.

In which systems do the automatic backwash filters work?

The preferred field of application of the automatic filters are cooling systems of all types. Here the backwash filter can automatically clean river water before it is pumped into the pipelines of the cooling systems. Depending on the contamination of the used cooling water, the water filter can be equipped with slotted sieves and/or wire mesh to achieve the best results when cleaning. Depending on the equipment, the backwash filters can automatically remove particles that are larger than five micrometres from the used cooling water. This makes it possible to reliably prevent a premature wear of the cooling systems through mechanical stress. This is true for plate heat exchangers as well as for spray nozzles, pipe systems, pumps and mechanical seals.

What are the available versions of backwash filters?

Automatic filters are used in water circulation systems, where the backwash filters automatically perform a self-cleaning without interrupting operation. An additional use as cooling water filter is also feasible. Here the river water filters from DANGO & DIENENTHAL are even able to destroy micro-organisms such as mussel larvae. This is necessary to protect cooling systems from premature wear and to prevent power loss through deposits in the pipe systems or spraying nozzles. As a standard, DANGO & DIENENTHAL automatic backwash filters are equipped with an intelligent automatic control unit. It monitors the pressure at the inflow and outflow, whereby the limit value of the pressure difference can be adjusted by the user through individual settings, and when the pressure exceeds that value a flushing process is automatically triggered in a backwash filter. This takes place without interrupting the ongoing operation of the filter system, which in turn guarantees that the complete cooling system can be operated without interruption.

Rainwater can also be automatically cleaned by the backwash filter

This well-engineered filter technology is beneficial not only for the industry. Even home owners use rainwater to save costs for drinking water. Dirt particles deposited on the roofs are also washed down into the tanks along with rainwater. These impurities can be automatically removed by the backwash filter, so that the collected water can be used, for example, for flushing the toilet or more often also for watering the garden.